Le Gamberi wines have a quantity of sugar that cannot be detected (as shown by the certificates of analysis) and laboratory studies have shown that glycaemia (which is the quantity of sugar present in the blood) does not increase but, on the contrary, it decreases after consumption.

Le Gamberi wines are, therefore, perfectly usable in all ketogenic diets and in all those involving the elimination of carbohydrates (starches and simple sugars).

Moreover, Le Gamberi wine is perfect both for those who are following a targeted diet and for those who want to taste an excellent Italian wine. We know, however, that, as widely demonstrated by existing studies and bibliographies, a massive reduction of sugars - unfortunately the cause of innumerable damages - would lead even healthy individuals to run less risk of possible future pathologies linked to their daily and widespread excessive consumption.

Le Gamberi Vino Rosso / Rode Wijn

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    Actual alcoholic strength by volume   (% Vol)       12.28

    Resulting sugars (g/l) TRACKS Not Relevant

    Total alcoholic strength by volume     (% Vol) 12.28

    Total acidity (in tartaric acid)           (g/l) 5.20

    Net volatile acidity (in acetic acid)   (g/l) 0.52

    SO2 TOTAL         (mg/l) 88

    SO2 FREE            (mg/l) 22

    Dry extract                   (g/l)      25.30    (*)



              LIMPIDITY Brillante                                               

             COLOUR  Intense Red

             ODOR Vinous                                                   

             TASTE   Dry


    (*) The dry extract, in addition to being the main index of genuineness of the wine, represents the set of fixed mineral components, therefore not divisible, incorporated in the wine itself and therefore providing microelements fundamentally useful for nutrition.

    As is evident from the certificates, the net dry extract of "Le Gamberi Foods" wines is about 19 for white wine and 25 for red wine.

    Normally the other wines in circulation (unless they are long aged wines) have extracts ranging from 15/16 for whites and 21/22 for reds.

    Index therefore, that the products "LE GAMBERI FOODS" have a diversification due to a higher concentration of mineral salts and polyphenols contained.