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It is about You and Us

About the Trainer


 Since very young Lelia Spada experiences the family entrepreneurship and then    works for about 35 years in cross functional and global working roles. A Bachelor Degree in Demographic Statistics, a Minor in Sociology and a Master Degree in Economics Statistics.


A long-standing Learning and Development practice which matured within a ‘Generation Y’ project with graduate students from 55 countries in Cisco. Generational factors, Education and social trends have always been her core interests.


Trained as Motivational Coach she developed herself into the Mindfulness practice and its 2 wings of Awareness & Self-Compassion. Currently facilitating workshops and trainings for a variety of communities, companies, individuals and groups in the area of Health, Business, Education and Sport. Lelia teaches in The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and remotely via online video system platforms.


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