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Regarding Organisations, Mindfulness proved to be very effective in managing pain, stress and illness. Mindfulness enhances concentration, happiness and supports greater productivity. It reduces work-related stress, positively impacts health, and is proven to be effective in
Leadership, occupational health, and safety management.

Human Resource 4.0

In this age of Digital Transformation, which has

at the same time enhanced and challenged
our lives, there is a strong need to refocus on

our human resources with a new approach.
Too long driven mainly by technical productivity and related skills, headcounts need to be
referred to and supported as human beings to regain trust, a sense of belonging, and control
over their lives overall.
It is essential to connect the most diverse generations and cultures with personal tools which help in the working and overall life context.

Connected Leadership, Stress Management, Health Prevention and more....

Research shows that managing stress depends not only on one’s personality but also on the work environment. Even when relating to Leadership, it is crucial to build on qualities at individual level, which will find their way into the company culture.
Fostering a conscious and connected work environment means pollinating it with a sense of trust, meaningful and effective relationships throughout the organization. Values and embodiment of the refreshed culture will be visible to stakeholders, clients, and family members at the same time!!
Conflict management and high turnovers can be left to the past.


When we are in the state of “flow,” there is often a sense of losing track of time and feeling completely immersed in one’s present task. This state of flow allows us to become fully connected to the continuously unfolding present moment.

Thoughts and feelings about thepast and the future begin to fall away, and one’s entire consciousness is directed towards what is happening right now.

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