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Human connectedness, humble,  and confident leadership will be required within ourselves before succeeding with other ones.  

If a more mindful culture in Health, Education and other sectors is to become a reality, a core group of staff, employees and even self-standing professionals exploring mindfulness benefits in the workplace is essential.

We are very effective in developing business plans, soft skills and techniques related trainings, quantitative analysis, rational kind of approaches. What we now  know is that to stop ignoring and rather taking our own and others’ emotions into account is what makes the real difference and for the best.

In this course you will learn about

  • Starting from a way of thinking inside/outside our job more mindfully about ourselves,

  • Becoming more self-aware and resilient overall for ultimately better connecting with others,

  • How each individual can become a genuine compassionate leader for himself, within his life and its work at every hieriarchy level.


This course is for individuals, teams, group and mostly customized for companies.

16 hrs up and frequently 6 sessions at indivdual and small groups level.

An introduction and/or a taster session is usually preceeding the course and helping to better identifying specific variables and objectives.

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