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Family Brainstorming

'You don't understand me!' resonate in families and at school . That is the refrain from teenagers to their parents and teachers.

What if we could sit down, looking at each other with curiosity and to actually understand why we don't understand each other and, at times, all of a sudden?!? Adolescence is mostly seen as a problem, which eventually will be solved or a challenge to endure.

In this 'family brainstorming' we look at this time with science and practical tools to actually navigate the knowledge and the emotions of our teenagers children and the teenager in all of us.

Coming away from the rhetoric 'crazy hormone' age and rather looking at how the brain reshapes at that age and making it a moment of growth for the all family.

The format of this 6 sessions journey is very flexible as it can relate to the Family as a group and/or with individuals sessions as an option.

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